Make use of these services when your staff is over-burdened or not available. Utilizing GraphiCode’s outsourcing abilities can deliver cost-effective, quality solutions to data preparation with very short turn-around times.
Formats Supported
Import Formats SupportedExport Formats Supported
GerberGenCAD including netlist for test
DXF, DWGFATF including netlist for test
ODB++CAD XY, pick and place program
CAD XYCyberOptics SRFF
Agilent 3070
C Link Dif
Import Formats
  • Gerber
  • DXF, DWG
  • ODB++
  • CAD XY
Export Formats
  • GenCAD including netlist for test
  • FATF including netlist for test
  • CAD XY, pick and place program
  • CyberOptics SRFF
  • Agilent 3070
  • C Link Dif
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