• To provide fundamentally better ways to prepare, analyze, and communicate data for electronics manufacturing
  • To offer products and services that provide competitive advantages in speed and accuracy
  • To help our customers build closer relationships with their customers




GraphiCode is located near Seattle, Washington, USA. The Seattle area is home to some of the world's largest and most innovative software and Internet companies. Companies like Microsoft and Amazon attract the people, practices, and capital necessary to create high-quality products.


GraphiCode was founded in 1987 and has been dealing with PCB data ever since. Based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest we are dedicated to providing our customers with software that accomplishes more than they expect. It is our belief that customers deserve outstanding products, outstanding support and outstanding integrity and we strive to deliver all three at all times. GraphiCode has long provided innovative solutions to problems including developing GC-Prevue back in 1987 (a free Gerber Viewer), GC-Place in 1992 (the first assembly tool to utilize Gerber data), and the GC-PowerPlatform (a single platform for Design-Fabrication-Assembly-Test) in 2001. Many GraphiCode innovations have been copied by competitors and we take great pleasure in this. It is nice to know that your thinking was correct and that your approach is valid - imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery. Of course we will also readily admit that we have our own fair share of "well it seemed like a good idea at the time" features and functions but if you're always driven to improve there are bound to be some wrong turns.

Our products are all based on a single codebase because who wants to write code more than once? However, this does provide us the ability to fix problems reported by users worldwide, using products in multiple languages, and from across the spectrum of PCB design, manufacturing and assembly. And because we work doubly hard four times a year to release a new version customers don't have to wait very long to receive the latest and greatest.

Our current customer base spans the entire range of electronics companies but if you wish to use our products in some other industry then be our guest (just make sure to tell us). Major OEMs, contract and in-house designers, printed circuit board fabricators, assemblers, and testers all rely on GraphiCode products in many different ways.


GC-Prevue is a hassle free Gerber viewer that allows users to view and print common PCB data formats as well as analyze component information stored in a GraphiCode proprietary workfile format. GC-Prevue’s data output is compatible with all GraphiCode products. GC-Prevue includes popular features like Measure Mode, DXF import and Demensioning and Markup. Typical users of GC-Prevue are Designers, Process Planners, Sales personnel, and various Engineers –anybody who needs to view Gerber data, AutoCAD DXF or component information from other GraphiCode products.


In response to many inquiries from GC-Prevue users, GraphiCode created GC-PrevuePlus to fill the need for an inexpensive Gerber translator and editor. Building on proven functionality from GraphiCode's existing family of products, GC-PrevuePlus takes GC-Prevue to the next level. In addition to GC-Prevue's capabilities, GC-PrevuePlus includes AutoCAD, DXF/DWG import, enhanced measurement tools, data editing capabilities and multiple output formats as well as the ability to easily translate Gerber or DXF into component placement files for use with smt, through hole and inspection machines. Users now have the answer to verify, translate, edit and convert PCB data files.


Graphical CAM software for captive and contract PCB assemblers. GC-PowerPlace accepts Gerber data along with an ASCII BOM file to create and verify assembly equipment programs off-line. Centroids are extracted with sub-micron precision. It can also create solderpaste stencil information and solderpaste inspection information if the need arises. GC-PowerPlace eliminates on-line assembly programming and verification. Typical Return On Investment (ROI) is less than 3 months. Typical users of GC-PowerPlace are Process Engineers, Project Engineers, Process Planners, SMT Engineers, and Programming Technicians. GC-PowerPlace can be extended for In Circuit Test programming and fixture file creation. Using Gerber data, users can produce and output netlists for In-Circuit test equipment, complete with part and pin data in the netlist file. Component pin numbering can accommodate skipped pins and alpha-numerics which is unique, as is the use of soldermask and components in calculating accessibility.