Help and FAQ
Download Problem Reason: The computer attempting the download process is behind a firewall or connected through a proxy server.
Solution: If you are behind a firewall, you may experience a download failure. Please see the following for specific situations:
  1) Company Firewall: Check with your firewall/proxy server administrator. The configuration of the server connection may not allow the computer to download the data. You will need to get the port settings that will allow you access outside the firewall, or you must be given permission to access through the proxy server with your network user ID and password.
  2) ISP proxy: ADSL/Cable subscribers will often have firewall protection on the server side. Turn off your proxy through your browser connection preferences. After completing the download process, turn the proxy back on.
  3) Personal Firewall: Users of products such as: Zone Alarm, Black Ice, McAFEE Personal firewall, Norton Internet Security, WatchDog, and Windows XP and Vista Personal firewall must disable protection prior to downloading the software. After completing the download process, re-enable your firewall.
  4) Netscape 6: If you are using Netscape 6 as your browser, check under edit/preferences/advanced/proxies. If you are using Internet Explorer, check under tools/Internet options/connection/lan settings. Make sure that the box for automatic configuration URL is NOT checked, and if there is a proxy set up that it is reflected in your vbox.ini, contained in the VBox folder you have just downloaded.

If you experience problems downloading GC-Prevue you can also try downloading it from our ftp site: Download GC-Prevue Common Errors During Download There are a number of reasons why you might receive an error message during the download process or find that the process hangs. Here are just a few examples:
  The website's server could be very busy.
  Internet traffic could be heavy.
  The installer can be corrupted during the downloading process.
  There could be line noise on your telephone connection.
  The file could be corrupt.

Common Errors of an Unsuccessful Download The following is a list of common causes of an unsuccessful download:
  The installer can be corrupted during the downloading process.
  There is not space available on your drive to expand the installer into the default TEMP directory - try clearing this folder and freeing up hard drive space.
  There is a software conflict with third party software.
  Virus software might misidentify the downloaded file. Try to temporarily disable it.

Restricted Access Question: Why am I getting a message that the page I want to access has restricted access?
Answer: Depending on your access level you may access certain pages on this website. If you think you should have access to a certain page, but don't, then please contact webmaster.

Log-On Error Question: Why am I not able to login to the website?
Answer: The most likley reason for this problem is that your Annual Support Plan has expired. Please check back with our sales personnel in order to verify that you are still on maintenance.

Demo Expiration Question: When does the demo version expire?
Answer: Most demos are valid for 15 days except for GC-PrevuePlus, which is valid for 7 days only. The demo version's counter begins on the first day of installation and launch of the demo software. When the demo has expired, you must purchase the software to continue using it. If you decide to purchase the software, you will need to unistall the demo version of the software and reinstall the software with a license file and dongle that will be sent after purchase.

Reinstalling Demos Question: Can I reinstall my demo software after it has expired?
Answer: Unfortunately, it is not possible to restart the demo version once it expires at the end of the trial period unless an extension is granted from the sales department.

Commercial Demo Use Question: Can I use the demo version for a commercial use?
Answer: Demo software is made and available for review and evaluation purposes only, not for commercial use. Using the demo version of any GraphiCode software for ultimate production purpose, or any commercial training purpose is prohibited by the End User License Agreement for the trial. GraphiCode cannot support or be responsible for any configuration problems or damages that arise from the use of unlicensed and/or trial software used for purposes other than evaluation. Trial versions may have limited features and may lack the ability for the end-user to save the end product.