Product Functions
- Gerber to Pick & Place programs, GenCAD & FATF, C-LINK DIF
- In Circuit Test option
- Create Stencil Data
- ODB++ import option
- DFM option
- Gerber to DXF, DXF to Gerber
Key Features - Automatically create part centroids from Gerber data
- Powerful and intuitive editing tools for stencil creation
- Generate overlay templates based on a part's extents
- Create and verify assembly programs off-line
- Ability to import and merge CAD XY files
- Improved installer to ensure a simple installation process
- Part library database
- Automatic Centroid Extraction Automatic Centroid Extraction (ACE) automatically converts selected pads into SMT parts by calculations based on the centroid of the SMT footprints
- Teach Part Teach Part allows the user to manually teach through holes and custom shaped SMT patterns
- Find Reference Designators The Find Reference Designators (FReD) function performs character recognition on silkscreen data in order to automatically assign reference designators to parts.
- Import BOM Information This feature allows the user to import part numbers from a Bill of Materials (BOM) and merge the part numbers, package, and other information into a parts layer by matching the BOM part numbers (etc.) and reference designators with parts layer reference designators.
- Assembly Analysis A detailed analysis of the parts contained on a board can be obtained using the Assembly Analysis report. The report is saved externally for easy distribution to interested parties and contains user-defined information. Information that can be included in the report ranges from simple information such as total number of parts to more specific information based on an individual Package Style. Additional sections include information on off-angle parts, information based on Part Number, estimated Solderpaste volume, and duplicate reference designators.
- Part Properties Many part properties can be assigned to part numbers or specific part instances, including alternate part number, feeder, and part values.
- Advanced Stencil Editing (Cost Option) The Advanced Stencil Editing option provides users with several efficient stencil editing solutions, including pad splitting, "C" pad creation, heel and toe edits, and automatic pad adjustment for pad-pitch manipulation.
  • Gerber: RS-274-D, RS-274-X
  • CAD: ASCII Data
  • EDIF 4 0 0
  • NC Drill/Rout: Excellon, Sieb & Meyer
  • ODB++
  • GraphiCode: .PWK, .CWK, .XWK, .GWK
  • Other: HPGL, Barco (.DPF), FIRE AutoPLOT
  • Gerber (RS-274-D, RS-274-X)
  • HPGL, DXF, PostScript, DMPL
  • Excellon, Sieb & Meyer
  • IPC-D-356, IPC-D-356A
  • GenCAD [UniCam, CircuitCam, GenRAD(Mitron)]
  • FATF (FABmaster)
  • SRFF (CyberOptics)
  • User-defined output formats
GC-PowerPlace provides customer driven enhancements and new features to streamline the process of Gerber data translation. GC-PowerPlace is the focal point of assembly programming, accepting data from virtually any source and producing programs and files for most PCB manufacturing applications.

Virtually all of the top contract manufacturers in the United States use GraphiCode products, but you do not have to be a large company to realize the value of GC-PowerPlace. Smaller facilities find the reliability of GC-PowerPlace well suited to their ever-changing data preparation needs.
GC-PowerPlace can enhance your CIM system capabilities by providing Gerber input and data manipulation. GC-PowerPlace can be used to prepare data in the formats of popular CIM systems, such as C-LINK, CircuitCam, Valor, and FABmaster.
The in-circuit test option is a valuable software tool for printed circuit board assembly. Test engineers receive enhanced data preparation capabilities that affect profitability. Using Gerber data, a readily available data source, the in-circuit test option offers flexibility in ICT programming. There are many financial benefits of having the in-circuit test option including; speeding up a board’s time to market, decreasing production time, and realizing a return on investment within 3 months.
If you have production lines with different machines, you can produce programs for all of them from the same set of data. GC-PowerPlace stores data in a "neutral" database, from which programs can be produced for all popular pick-and-place machines and other manufacturing equipment. You can also use it to create programs for AOI and solderpaste inspection equipment. Your sales department can even use it for preparing quotes.

What's new

Version 24.1 May 3

Bug fixes

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Version 23.2 October 10 2023

Import BOM overhaul, Lock Layers, and many minor improvments and bug fixes

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Version 23.1 March 21 2023

Many Bug fixes, speed enhancements and usability improvements

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Version 22.2 October 13 2022

New larger working area.

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Version 22.1 April 19 2022 Read More
Version 21.2 November 4 2021 Read More
Version 21.1 March 3 2021

Support for Gerber X3
Updates to IPC356 input
Better dialog handling

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Version 20.3 November 5 2020

Support for latest DXF and DWG format
Streamlined startup

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Version 20.2 September 1 2020

Updated DFM Report function

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Version 20.1 February 28 2020 Read More
Version 19.2 October 1 2019
  • Licensing overhaul
  • Automatic Bed Size Adjustment
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Version 19.1 May 8 2019
  • Upgrade to Merge CAD centroids
  • Support for XNC format
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Version 18.3 December 4 2018

FLEX PCB panelizing
Improved Text

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Version 18.2 June 5 2018 Read More
Version 18.1 February 8 2018 Read More
Version 17.3 August 25 2017 Read More
Version 17.2 April 12 2017
  • Insert Rout Tabs
    *Measure from Grip points
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Version 17.1 January 23 2017
  • Jump to Arc Center
  • Improved C Pad algorithm
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Version 16.4 November 1 2016 Read More
Version 16.3 July 28 2016
  • Remove Material
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Version 16.2 April 25 2016 Read More
Version 16.1 January 5 2016 Read More
Version 15.4 October 26 2015
  • Convert off-angle pads to Oblongs
  • Additional Plugin utilities
  • Printing Enhancements
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Version 15.3 July 30 2015
  • Adaptive Etch Compensation
  • Step Graduation pattern creation
  • Identify Copper Updates
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Version 15.2 April 24 2015

*Stencil Editing
*Rounding Corners
*Network File locking
*QR Codes

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Version 15.1 January 20 2015
  • Integrated Stencil Creation *
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Version 14.4 October 21 2014
  • Virtual to Real copies
  • Reassign Part Datum points
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Version 14.3 July 11 2014

Gerber X2 Support
Select based on attributes
Auto update layer properties

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Version 14.2 April 18 2014

Input of IPC 2581A format supported

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Version 14.1 January 22 2014
  • PADS ASCII Import
  • Selection within an area
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Version 13.4 October 10 2013

DXF Step and Repeat support
EMF file output

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Version 13.3 July 18 2013

*More Undo for Editing functions

  • Added Redo function
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Version 13.2 April 17 2013
  • Panelization tool
  • Support for AutoCAD 2013
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Version 13.1 January 10 2013
  • 64 bit Build released
  • Dimensioning and Markup
  • Enhanced Measure
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Version 12.4 October 15 2012
  • Additional automation tools
  • Easier and clearer demo process
  • Compatibility between 32bit and 64bit
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Version 12.3 July 17 2012
  • Copper Balancing added
  • New automation tools
  • 64 bit build into Beta
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Version 12.2 April 18 2012
  • RS-274X import
  • On Line Help Updated
  • Fixed various customer reported issues
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Version 12.1 January 17 2012
  • Reordering Data streamlined
  • Fixed various customer reported issues
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Version 11.4 September 28 2011
  • New Licensing
  • New GraphiCode Flex Server
  • Streamlined Trial version
  • Fixed various customer reported issues
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Version 11.3 July 22 2011 Read More
Version 11.2 April 14 2011 Read More
Version 11.1 January 11 2011 Read More
Version 10.4 October 5 2010 Read More
Version 10.3 July 8 2010 Read More
Version 10.2 April 5 2010 Read More
Version 10.1 January 22 2010 Read More
Version 9.4 October 9 2009 Read More