Release date: Thu Apr 13 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Version 17.2 of all GraphiCode products released

April, 2017 — GraphiCode, a global provider of cost-effective, superior software innovations for electronics manufacturing, today announces the release of version 17.2 of its full product suite – GC-PowerPlatform.

New Features

Insert Rout Tabs

The Creation of Rout Tabs has been overhauled in the product. Three types of tabs can be created:
Simple: Simply a break in the rout path defined by a distance ‘L’. This distance can be measured from the Edge of the cut or from the centerpoint of the tool. Single side bite: A break in the Rout path and a number of drilled holes to make removal of the board easier. The user can define the number of drill holes, the diameter of the drill, the pitch of the holes and an offset from the cutting edge of the rout path. The drilled holes need to be placed next to the board so, depending on the direction of travel this may be on the right or the left. The direction of travel is defined by the Directional Display mode. If the drilled holes are created on the wrong side simply Undo (Ctrl +Z) and change the Single Side option.
In order to see the resulting gap width given a set of parameters for the drilled holes, double click in the Length field to update.
Double side bite: A break in the Rout path with drilled holes on both sides of tool path to handle situations where a single rout path separates two boards.

Measure from Grip Points

The Measure function now has an additional option called Grip Points. In this mode the entities being measured produce Grip Points at the corners of the extents of the feature. This allows outer edge to outer edge measurements to be conducted between pads.

About GraphiCode

GraphiCode is a global provider of software innovations for electronics manufacturing. Our products and services facilitate the fabrication, test, inspection and assembly of Printed Circuit Boards. We supply specific programming solutions to equipment manufacturers. We also provide value added services through an international distributor network. GraphiCode’s commitment to providing exceptional support and services ensures successful integration of our products into the manufacturing process.

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