Release date: Mon Apr 27 2015 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Version 15.2 of all GraphiCode products released

April, 2015 — GraphiCode, a global provider of cost-effective, superior software innovations for electronics manufacturing, today announces the release of version 15.2 of its full product suite – GC-PowerPlatform.

New Features

Merge Job

A new option has been added to the Merge Job function to make it easier to Merge two or more GWK files depending upon the process required.

Create QR Codes, Datamatrix codes

The ability to create and add QR codes, Datamatrix codes and Barcodes has been implemented. The code is initially created as a Custom aperture so that the code can be exported to Gerber and DXF/DWG files.

Aspect and Area Ratio report

Another enhancement to the Integrated Stencil Creation function is an interactive report providing Aspect Ratio values and Area Ratio values for each unique aperture size on a board. The list appears with the Report area of the function, each with its own tab. The columns in the report can be sorted and clicking on an entry in the report will update the graphics screen to locate an example of the aperture.

Round Corners

The Integrated Stencil Creation function also has a function to apply a user specified radius to all rectangle apertures and square apertures in a single process. An option to round corners has been added to the Create Home Plates and Create C-Pad functions.

Network Lock File

An option has been added to create a lock file when opening a file from a network location. The option is located under Tools > Customize > Save and is simply an On / Off checkbox.
When this option is On, opening a GWK from a network location will generate a Lock file alongside that GWK preventing another user from overwriting that file. The second user will receive a message when opening the GWK informing the user of who is editing that file. The Save button is then de-activated (the GWK can be saved with a different name however). Once the original user closes down the GWK, the lock file is removed.

About GraphiCode

GraphiCode is a global provider of software innovations for electronics manufacturing. Our products and services facilitate the fabrication, test, inspection and assembly of Printed Circuit Boards. We supply specific programming solutions to equipment manufacturers. We also provide value added services through an international distributor network. GraphiCode’s commitment to providing exceptional support and services ensures successful integration of our products into the manufacturing process.

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