Release date: Fri Jan 13 2012 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Version 12.1 of all GraphiCode products released

GraphiCode, a global provider of cost-effective, superior software innovations for electronics manufacturing, today announces the release of version 12.1 of its full product suite – GC-PowerPlatform.

Integrated Part Finding

The function of part finding using Automatic Centroid Extraction and Teaching Parts has been combined into a new function called Integrated Parts Creation. This new function achieves the following:

• Handles Part Finding with or without a CAD-XY layer within the same interface.
• Teaches Surface Mount or Though Hole parts within the same interface.
• Provides a graphical method for defining part footprints by dragging the mouse around components.
• Defines Pin 1 for a component based on the direction of the mouse drag.
• Allows for Parts to be exploded within the same interface.
• Provides a ‘Fast Creation’ mode minimum interaction is required..
• Provides an ‘on-the-fly’ report of components that are found with a Reference Designator, parts without a reference designator and also pads still to be handled.

BOM Import

Text BOM files can now be delimited based on any character. The new delimiter field has been added and allows for any character to be entered along with a number of common delimiters. The Refresh function was also tweaked to improve behavior along with a number of internal improvements related to Excel file handling.

Reordering Data Streamlined.

The reorder rout function now has a setting to automatically progress to the next path without user interaction. This function is highly useful when large numbers of unordered polygon paths are encountered (stencil files and other etching patterns in particular).