Release date: Thu Jul 08 2010 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Version 10.3 of all GraphiCode products released

July 2010 — GraphiCode, a global provider of cost-effective, superior software innovations for electronics manufacturing, today announces the release of version 10.3 of its full product suite – GC-PowerPlatform.

New Features

Support for AutoCAD 2010 format
All products (except GC-Prevue) now support the import of AutoCAD 2010 DXF and DWG formatted files.

DFM Sliver check
The Sliver check for Signal layers has been completely overhauled to detect slivers of photo-resist that may cause manufacturing issues.

DFM Void detection and Fixing
The Minimum Void DFM check has also been overhauled to better detect and to better fix voids found on signal and Soldermask layers.

Generate Microcraft .emm files
GC-PowerStation now has the ability to generate Microcraft .emm files for the Microcraft range of flying probe bareboard testers.

Customers can visit to read the full release notes and download the latest version. GC-PowerPlatform encompasses all of GraphiCode’s well-known products. GC-Prevue, GC-PrevuePlus, GC-CAM Edit, GC-PowerStation and GC-PowerPlace all benefit from the numerous enhancements and bug fixes.
The GC-PowerPlatform suite of products runs on the industry standard Windows platform, essentially eliminating the need to run expensive workstations. Flexible input and powerful outputs combined with enhanced CAM functionality result in higher throughput and lower costs. The Annual Support Plan (not necessary for GC-Prevue) continues to provide exceptional value for money with support provided on an as needed basis and four scheduled updates per year.