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GC-Prevue GC-PrevuePlus GC-CAM Edit GC-PowerStation GC-PowerPlace
  Import Gerber
  Import DPF and Fire 9000
  Import NC Info
  Import HPGL
  Aperture Convertor
  GraphiCode GWK / CWK / XWK
  Merge Multiple Jobs
  Import DXF or DWG  
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Your Free Gerber Data Viewer

Provided free of charge and used by hundreds of thousands of circuit board designers, fabricators and assemblers, GC-Prevue is the de facto standard Gerber viewer for anyone involved in the printed circuit board supply chain. GC-Prevue reads all common CAD generated electronic manufacturing outputs including Gerber, Barco DPF, Excellon, Sieb and Meyer, HPGL and HPGL2.

Use GC-Prevue for

  • Verification of design data
  • Quoting
  • Print documentation
  • Revision management
  • Measuring features

$50 Enhanced Version

  • 12 month site license
    – install on as many computers as you like
  • No Ads
  • 12 months of technical support provided
  • Includes Measure Mode – quickly measure between entities:
    edge-edge, center-center, edge-center, center-edge
  • Dimensioning and Markup – automatically dispaly distances.Add text
    and symbols. Excellent for creating drawings and documentation
Watch the videos below to see how Enhanced GC-Prevue adds value

Completely Free Version

  • 3 month license for use on one computer
    – can download new free license after expiration
  • Ad supported – advertising present upon launch
  • No technical support
  • Viewing and printing, no measure mode

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GC-Prevue | What’s New

Version 25.3

August 2017